Your Expert Team

Understanding Acoustics is an art, Rodney Stevens Acoustics has been providing comprehensive noise assessment and noise reduction services for over 40 years.

Rodney Stevens


Rodney Stevens has over 34 years of experience working in the acoustics industry. He spent the first 14 years of his acoustic career working with the State Pollution Control Commission as a Noise Control Officer, and was involved in the initial drafting of many acoustic guidelines, including the Noise Control Manual and the Industrial Noise Policy.

With the extensive acoustic experience he gained from the State Pollution Control Commission, he started Rodney Stevens and Associates, an independent acoustic consulting company. Rodney is a Member of the Australian Acoustical Society (MAAS) and the Environmental Institute of Australia (MEIA). He is a former Treasurer of NSW Branch of the Australian Acoustical Society.

Penny Edney

Director / Operations Manager

Penny is a Director/Operations Manager of Rodney Stevens Acoustics who co-ordinates a professional team of Acoustic Consultants who together ensure the quality and efficiency of the acoustics element of the project life cycle.

Penny offers a wealth of knowledge and experience she was the co-founder of an Australian health software company and contributed to the company’s international success and growth over a 14-year period which is bolstered by her experience working with a successful accounting firm.

Desmond Raymond

Director / Engineering

Desmond is a Director/Business Manager of Rodney Stevens Acoustics who leads a dynamic team of Acoustic Consultants.

Desmond is an experienced practitioner in the acoustics sector. Key industries that he has worked on includes building & architectural, transport, environmental, WH&S and litigation matters. He is experienced in noise surveys, mitigation methodology, noise modelling and preparing noise assessments. Along with acoustic analytical skills, Desmond is also experienced in leading team to meet key business and project milestones and business development.

Desmond strengths are in interpreting and applying state and local governments’ noise & vibration planning acts, legislations, policies and guidelines. He is a Member of the Australian Acoustical Society (MAAS).

Camilo Castillo

Senior Acoustic Consultant - Engineering and Technology Manager

Member of the Australian Acoustical Society (MAAS).

Camilo Castillo has over 13 years of experience in the field of environmental and architectural acoustics, including experience across a broad spectrum of projects.

His expertise includes architectural, industrial, building services, child care centres, gymnasiums, schools, office spaces, licensed venues, aircraft, construction and environmental noise assessments.

Camilo also has experience with the acoustical design of special purpose spaces, studios, and university simulator rooms as well as sound insulation of buildings to mitigate external noise intrusion, the design of noise control barriers and computer modelling for room reverberation and noise propagation. He is a Member of the Australian Acoustical Society (MAAS).

Marc Guitart

QLD Senior Acoustic Consultant

Member of the Australian Acoustical Society (MAAS).

Marc holds a Technical Engineering Degree in Telecommunications specialized in Acoustics by the Ramon Llull University, Barcelona Spain.

Marc started his career in Acoustics in 2004 as a Junior Project Engineer for AUDIOSCAN Acoustics and Audio-visuals Consultants in Barcelona, Spain. His role included managing acoustic projects in Concert Halls, Theatres, Auditoriums, Hotels, Sports and Recreation and others.

In 2005 he started working as a freelance engineer in acoustics in Barcelona.

Marc moved to Australia in 2012 to work as an acoustic engineer within the Building, Environmental and Industrial sectors.

Marc is a noise and vibration engineer with over 17 years’ experience. He has experience in management of various aspects of building, environmental and industrial acoustics.

He is a Member of the Australian Acoustical Society (MAAS).

Tess Sharpe

Financial Manager

Tess brings to the company a wealth of financial knowledge and a keen eye for detail. Tess has worked in various industries including media, health and pharmaceutical. Tess prides herself on her professionalism and high standard of customer service. 

Brian Mendieta

Senior Acoustic Consultant

Member of the Australian Acoustical Society (MAAS).

Brian has over 10 years of experience in acoustic consultancy and has been involved in a wide range of acoustic projects including architectural, environmental and industrial, occupational and construction noise and vibration impact assessments. Brian is proficient in noise modelling, has years of experience in identifying noise issues and is able to provide noise control solutions to achieve an outcome that satisfies all parties involved. He is a Member of the Australian Acoustical Society (MAAS).

Dani Awad

Acoustic Consultant

Member of the Australian Acoustical Society (MAAS).

Dani Awad is an enthusiastic Design Science (Audio and Acoustics) graduate with a passion for acoustics, a strong focus on noise impact statements and ambition to work in the industry. He has excellent communication skills and experience in delivering content to customers quickly. He holds himself to a high standard when assisting customers, and is capable of working under pressure. Dani graduated with a Masters in Design Science from the University of Sydney in 2009.

James Wilkinson

Acoustic Consultant

Member of the Australian Acoustical Society (MAAS).

With a strong background in music and its applications, James Wilkinson become interested in acoustics and completed the Master of Architectural Science (Audio and Acoustics) at Sydney University as well as the Professional Education in Acoustics course from UNSW Canberra in 2019.

Having worked many years as a technical in charge of onsite noise and vibration surveying and logging, James has progressed to acoustic assessment of transport, environmental, architectural and building projects. He is a member of the Australian Acoustical Society (MAAS).