What We Do

Rodney Stevens Acoustics are acoustic specialists who provide noise impact assessments and compliancies for most noise and vibration requirements.

Using specialised equipment we assess developments/properties and prepare reports for Councils and authoritative requirements.

Our acoustic consultants are all members of the Australian Acoustic Society (MAAS).

What We Do

Rodney Stevens Acoustics are acoustic specialists who provide noise impact assessments and compliancies for most noise and vibration requirements.

Using specialised equipment we assess developments/properties and prepare reports for Councils and authoritive requirements.

Our acoustic consultants are all members of the Australian Acoustic Society (MAAS).

About Rodney Stevens Acoustics

Life is Noisy

Sometimes it’s so loud that it becomes problem. People need a place to turn to help manage this noise whether it’s noise pollution or building acoustics. Rodney Stevens Acoustics is an acoustics engineering company with more than 40 years of experience in the industry. It caters to projects of different magnitudes—from small scale residential noise surveys to big-time rail infrastructure noise projects.

General Acoustic Services

Rodney Stevens Acoustics offers various services, including transport noise assessments, industrial and residential noise reporting, acoustic testing for entertainment and hospitality venues and childcare acoustic assessments. With more than 40 years’ experience in the industry, you’re in safe hands with Rodney Stevens Acoustics.

Our Services

Transport Noise Assessment
Assessments of properties near transport areas like airports and busy roads. This includes transport noise mitigation and transport noise testing.
Occupational & Industrial Noise Assessment
Assessments and solutions for commercial properties before actual building takes place. Our services include industrial noise assessment NSW and workplace noise assessments.
Residential Noise Assessments
Noise assessments like household noise assessments in residential neighbourhoods to minimise issues or improve liveability and comfort.
Hospitality and Entertainment
We assess pub noise levels and controlling noise in licensed venues and areas related to service provisions like cafes, restaurants, and hotels.
Child Care Facilities
We offer childcare acoustic assessments and childcare noise impact assessments for childcare centres in the process of development or those seeking expansion.

Why acoustic engineering is necessary

Before development of a building, commencing expansion, or conducting services, all aspects of construction must be taken care of properly, including acoustic engineering and assessment. In essence, the role of the acoustical consultant is to avoid too much vibration, noise, and reverberation within a predetermined space.

Acoustic treatment solutions are provided after the initial space assessment, planning and development. This will ensure that excessive noise inside and outside the property are taken care of. Since there are numerous requirements for noise control in property development, having a dependable acoustics engineering team can help ensure that future residents and clients will not have to deal with acoustic issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

The field of acoustic engineering is not something most Aussies immediately understand. Yet, acoustics is integrated into the everyday lives of individuals all over the world. From architecture and hospitality to commercial industries and entertainment – acoustics is very much a part of everyone’s daily routines.

Are you familiar with the hospitality noise management principles or the childcare noise impact assessment? There’s a lot to absorb regarding the field of acoustics. Read some of the most commonly asked questions about RSA and the acoustics industry in general.

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Rodney Stevens Acoustics does everything related to acoustics, from conducting initial assessments like entertainment noise assessment to recommending appropriate developments based on the NSW noise guidelines. We can handle various types of projects, depending on the requests of our clients.

Here are some of the most common projects we do:

  • Improving a room’s acoustics – We can design rooms that accentuate sounds. People residing or working in these rooms will have a better experience hearing music and listening to sounds within the room. This can range from a sound booth in a studio to a lecture hall in the university.
  • Controlling reverberation in a room – We control reverberation by using materials that absorb sound as it reaches ceilings and walls. In a room with controlled reverberation, the sound wouldn’t get reflected once it reaches the corners of the room.
  • Noise isolation – By isolating noise in the room, people outside would not be able to hear anything that goes on in a noise-isolated room. This is more commonly referred to as ‘soundproofing’ the room.


Rodney Stevens Acoustics studies the architectural design of a property and reviews its space, materials, and mechanisms to property control how sound is distributed inside and outside the room. Apart from controlling how sound travels, we also analyse the compliance of companies and big establishments in NSW noise guidelines like the Australian standards for workplace noise.

Every project or scenario is different. An acoustic engineer is able to make accurate assessments of the space in question and provide you with recommendations on how the impact of noise acoustics can be improved.

When making the decision to engage with an acoustic consulting organisation, it is important to look at their credentials before commencement. Check that they are registered with the relevant association partners and have qualifications in Engineering and Science. Look at their past experiences and reviews.

Here at Rodney Stevens Acoustics, we are members of both the Member of the Environmental Institute of Australia (MEIA) and the Acoustical Society of America. Our acoustic engineers are qualified and experienced in delivering a quality service for a wide variety of projects across Australia. 

The usual services Rodney Stevens Acoustics offers include:

  • Occupational Noise Assessment and Monitoring
  • Noise dosimetry assessment and monitoring
  • Acoustic Environmental impact studies
  • Checking and monitoring of clients’ compliance to school ordinances
  • Architectural design acoustics
  • Noise and vibration isolation studies

Rodney Stevens Acoustics does not represent companies related to acoustics to avoid conflicts of interest. Instead, after reviewing the acoustics of a property, we look for the appropriate materials and make recommendations to our client. We then present the advantages and disadvantages of using certain materials over others to our clients. After that, the clients will be the ones to make the final decision.

To check the viability and effectiveness of the project, the team creates acoustic modelling simulations. These simulators help acoustic engineers check if the acoustic control methods are effective before actually doing the renovations.

This involves the accurate measurement and modelling of acoustics in an existing property to resolve legal issues in relation to noise ordinances and other similar legal cases. It can span from hearing loss suits and product liability suits to environmental lawsuits.


Did You Know?

Did You Know?

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If you want to check the quality of acoustics on your property, contacting a professional acoustics engineering team is crucial. From initial assessment to planning and development, we can help you make sure that the noise level in your property meets the local guidelines and industry standards.

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