Acoustic Services

Rodney Stevens Acoustics are experienced acoustic consultants and engineers in New South Wales.

Environmental Noise Assessment Services

Environmental acoustics are the noise levels that can affect your home or workplace. Rodney Stevens Acoustics offers environmental acoustic consulting services for a wide range of clients in the following areas.


Transportation Noise Assessments

Although everyone’s lives are impacted by transport noise, for some people it can be a serious issue. If you live close to busy roads, airports, or railways, then you know how difficult it can be to handle the intrusive noise on a daily basis. We provide professional noise assessments for new developments in New South Wales so that builders can prevent future problems.

  • Road Traffic Noise Assessment
  • Aircraft Traffic Noise Assessment
  • Rail Noise Assessment

Occupational Noise Assessments

All New South Wales workplaces are responsible for following local noise regulations. The fines for not complying can be astronomical. We conduct noise assessment surveys and WorkCover reports on a regular basis to make sure that workplaces are complying with regulations. Our clients include:

  • Mining Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Childcare Centres
  • BCA Design
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Colleges …and other licensed premises!

Residential Noise Assessments

Rodney Stevens Acoustics conducts residential noise assessments, including general neighbourhood noise assessments. We monitor windows, doors, walls and vents to determine if acoustic solutions are needed.

We examine:

  • AC unit noise
  • Swimming pool pumps
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Building acoustics ...and many others!
Rodney Stevens Acoustics provides comprehensive noise assessment and noise reduction services. Please contact us for more information about Environmental Noise Assessment Services.